Jihye Chang


My Instagram feed at http://instagram.com/pianojihye

My Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/pianojihye

I recently launched a Facebook page to post my thoughts and advice for young musicians to maintain a healthy life style and attitude. Lots of useful exercises, quotes from inspiring musicians I have met, and some lessons I learned along the way! 

My YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/jhjascha
I will be uploading more video clips of piano etudes and music by women composers throughout the summer and fall of 2019. 

Violinist Benjamin Sung at www.benjaminsung.com
My wonderful husband/ Assistant professor at Florida State University/ Concertmaster of Fargo-Moorhead Symphony/ and principal second violinist of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra.

Brevard Music Center at http://www.brevardmusic.org

Composer David Dzubay at www.pronovamusic.com
Conductor and director of the New Music Ensemble at Indiana University/ Composition Faculty at Indiana University/ 2007 Guggenheim fellow. I was a member of IU NME for a few years, and had great time working with him. Also my independent studies were conducted under his guidance. I and my husband Ben Sung, violinist, had a lot of fun working on his piece “Capriccio” for violin and piano and have performed it several times.

Composers who wrote for my Continuum 88 Project:
Nataliw Williams 
Peter Kramer
Amadeus Regucera 
Shinuh Lee

Intersection Contemporary Ensemble at http://www.intersectionmusic.org
A good friend from IU, Kelly Corcoran, launched this amazing project in 2014. She's such a powerhouse and a visionnaire! The mission of Intersection Contemporary Ensemble is "to expand and shift the perspectives of the audiences and musicians of all ages, through the creation, cultivation, and performance of contemporary music, a vital, thriving, and inspiring form of art." 
Indiana University School of Music at www.music.indiana.edu
I feel obliged to put a link to the place I spent almost 8 years of my 20s..

Tanglewood Music Center at www.bso.org/tmc
I spent two summers at Tanglewood as an Instrumental Piano Fellow. TMC experience was among the most important musical events of my life. The performance of Ligeti Horn Trio at Ozawa Hall in 2005 made me feel like a musician, not a student. It is a beautiful place with great music and performances. (And the Lenox Coffee, one of my favorite cafes in America, is still there!) 

Virtuosi Brazil at http://www.virtuosi.com.br/
Ana Lucia Altino and Rafael Garcia invite top-class musicians from all over the world. I am just lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful music series/ festival.