Jihye Chang

December 2007

Performances 2008

Things can be checked on the “schedule” on www.jihyechang.com as well.

* January 6, 7pm, House Concert at Dr. Brian Singletary’s, New Haven, CT. Program includes Piano Trios by Hummel, Ravel, Barnett, and Brahms.

* January 10, 8pm, University of Louisville Comstock Hall. Music of Marc Satterwhite -with Arsenal Trio

* January 14, 7pm, Indiana University Sweeney Hall. “Talk” at the Composition department seminar. Piano writing in the preludes and etudes by D. Freund, G. Ligeti, M. Ohana, Unsuk Chin, J. Corigliano, S. Shepherd and J. Merritt.

* January 15, 8pm, Indiana University Auer Hall. Guest solo recital featuring “Preludes and Etudes”

* January 22, 7:30pm, Plains Museum Fargo. Pierrot Lunaire performance with NDSU faculty members

* February 14-15, St. Olaf College and Gustavus College, MN. Guest lecture, performance and recording. Music by Justin Merritt

* March 21-22, Guest performance at the Ball State University’s New Music Festival. Music of Steve Rouse, Jody Nagel, and a set of piano etudes.

* April 6, 4pm, First Presbyterian Church, Fargo. Guest performance for the FM Symphony Chamber music series “Rapturous Ravel.” Maurice Ravel’s Piano Trio with Arsenal Trio

* May 12, Guest solo recital for the Studio 2021 series at Seoul National University, Korea. “Piano writing in the etudes of the 20-21 century”

* May 17, Lecture, Seoul National University (Analysis class)

* May 20, Guest recital for the Tuesday Concert Series at Seoul National University, Korea. Program to include Messiaen, Beethoven, and Chopin.

* June 18 and 25, Performances at the Rolston Hall, The Banff Centre, with Arsenal Trio

* September 27, Duo recital with Benjamin Sung, Plains Arts Museum, Fargo

* October 10, Solo appearance with the University Symphony Orchestra in Fargo-Moorhead, Schumann Concerto in a minor, Hansen Theatre, Moorhead

* November 7, The Pathway Ensemble Concert, Kumho Art Center, Seoul, Korea

* November 11, Tuesday concert series at Seoul National University, Korea

* November 19, The Pathway Ensemble Concert, Eunpyung Methodist Church, Seoul, Korea

Great Cafes in America #1

Lenox CoffeeLenox Coffee in Lenox, MA

I love drinking espresso and espresso macchiato. It all started when a guitarist from Argentina at Indiana University told me that he considered dripped coffee as “polluted water.” I tried what he was drinking and loved it instantly. Since then I have been very interested in independent cafes that take pride in making great espresso. Interestingly I always found one or two great coffee shops whenever I was in a music festival or music residency! The first one was in Sarasota, but I will start from the one near Tanglewood as it is one of my favorite places in the world.
I was an instrumental piano fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center in 2004. At TMC fellows get free meals but the meals are cafeteria-style..hence no good coffee. I was craving espresso so much and one morning I decided to explore the small downtown in Lenox, which is in between Tanglewood campus and the dormitory fellows stay. I asked someone randomly, and the person directed me to the “one and only” cafe there. There it was – Lenox Coffee. It was a very small, warm, crowded place with one person writing down orders on a small post-it/ one person making the drinks/ one person handing out the drinks and cleaning up the tables. That’s where I learned about the La Marzcco machine and leaf-art on a cup of latte. Boston Symphony’s driver (I think he drove the conductors), who is an Italian, would come to drink their espresso and say “Bravissimo!.” The service was slow and the guys who worked there were not too friendly but they knew how to make really good coffee. I never cared for milk-based espresso drinks until I ordered a small cappuccino with double shots there – until this moment I cannot forget that wonderfully aromatic cup of cappuccino, with perfect foam, in a brown cup! I went back in 2005 and they were still busy and great.

This year, 2007, I had a house concert in Berkshire at the home of Claudia and Carl Shuster’s. I met them in 2005 during one of the rehearsals for Ligeti Horn Trio. They were so supportive and friendly, and we have kept in touch since then. They host a house concert all year long at their beautiful house in Stockbridge, and this October I was invited to perform. The first thing I did when I arrived from Hartford airport was to visit Lenox Coffee. And…sadly it had changed. The place smelled a bit funny, probably due to careless cleaning, and their machine was Synesso. The person who made my small-double-cappuccino said he preferred it to La Marzocco, but the cappuccino was not as good as I remembered. Still good, but not as good. But still I would visit just for the fond memories I have from 2004 and 2005. That place made me happy and smile.