Jihye Chang

“Lucy’s Fargo”

Lucy’s North China Cuisine

Alas. Silver Moon closed. I am so sad. I hope something good will take up that lovely place again soon.

But there is a good news, too – Lucy’s North China Cuisine on the 32nd Avenue South, Fargo, expanded their menu! Now it has tea-smoked duck, lion’s head meatballs, home-style tofu, eggplant with garlic sauce, Szechuan style shrimp and quite a few more.

(From left to right: Dumplings with Chinese chives, Vegetable delight, Tea-smoked duck/ Second row: Szechuan style shrimp, my table with take-outs, and eggplant with garlic sauce)

First of all I like Lucy’s steamed dumplings a lot. They seem that they are made daily – they sometimes run out of dumplings, and there are 3 kinds of stuffing – Chinese chives, onion and celery. Lucy’s grandma noodle is spicy and yummy, although it sometimes comes with too much oil. Tea smoked duck was good. Eggplant with garlic sauce was very tasty, although a bit oily. (I hope this oily problem will go away soon..!)

Fried flat breads are also very tasty. Oh, and one must try their green onion pancakes – very similar to the ones I ate in Taipei! Lucy’s also has special menu written on a whiteboard near the cashier (e.g. Szechuan boiled beef in fiery sauce), and if people like the special menu enough it will stay on the menu. More to come, they said.

I think the vegetable delight was better when the restaurant just had opened. It had more garlicky/ smoky taste. Now it’s a bit too sour and watery. What they call “Szechuan shrimp” is more like fried shrimp with sweet and sour ketchup sauce with a bit of kick to it, but tasty enough. (I often make it at home, and it’s sometimes called “Chili shrimp” in Korean Chinese restaurants.)

Lucy’s is doing really really well, and I think I will go to Lucy’s for a while when I crave Chinese food.

P.S. I don’t know how their standard Chinese items such as General Tso’s chicken and Sweet and sour pork taste like. But why would you order them when you can order other fun stuff?! 🙂

Lucy’s Northern China Cuisine: 701-356-5100/ 3003 32nd Ave S.

11am-9pm, 7 days a week