one day workshop

One Day Workshop on Career Development for young musicians

Career Development – The Creative Musician

With Dr. Jihye Chang and Guest Presenters

August 5, Wednesday, 2020

During my Piano Intensive Online Workshops in June, I received a lot of requests for having a more focused workshop on Career Development. I am thrilled to announce my first One Day Workshop on this very topic with eight amazing guest presenters through Zoom! The day-long intensive workshop will have five sessions on essential and practical topics for young musicians preparing for a lifelong career in music.

Participants will send specific questions prior to the workshop, and I will organize and send them to the presenters. If you have a draft of a specific grant proposal and your own dream ideas, you will be encouraged to send them along as well. Selected proposals and ideas will receive direct feedback.

Morning Session I, 10-11am (EST)
with Kelly Corcoran and Jihye Chang
on Versatility of Musical Careers and Community Engagements
  • Realizing one’s potential and dreams – When being good is not enough, what do we do?
  • Versatility and various facets of musical careers
  • Community outreach and engagement – Strategies on building a meaningful program and repertoire choices
  • Creating performance outlets during the Covid time and staying active and connected

Kelly is a conductor that has conducted many major orchestras around the world such as The Cleveland Orchestra and Munich Philharmonic. She’s Artistic Director of Intersection, a contemporary music ensemble based in Nashville. She’s worked with so many great composers of our time and initiated many collaborations and partnerships with Nashville organizations and community programs. During this Covid time, Intersection was awarded an NEA grant, which will enable her to continue the commissioning and premiering of new works online. In addition to conducting, leading partnerships and teaching, Kelly is also pursuing a Masters in Public Health with a special interest in arts and wellness. She’ll discuss the creative career paths she has led and the importance of working with others and being engaged in the community.

Participants are encouraged to send an example of community engagement activity and specific questions as well as grant writing and project planning.

Morning session II, 11:15am – 12:15pm (EST)
with Dongmin Kim
on Running a Successful Ensemble in NYC and Social Media Profiles
  • Why and how did you begin this ensemble? – Turning a dream into reality and what it takes
  • Importance of networking and perseverance
  • How to build and promote a concert program that would make people to come to your concerts
  • Running successful social media profiles and how to utilize them for your benefit

Participants are welcome to prepare specific questions about the NYPC.

Afternoon session I, 1:30-2:30pm (EST)
with Simon Gollo and Benjamin Sung
on Achieving Academic Career balanced with Performing Career
on Founding a Music Festival
  • Thoughts on academic career while actively performing; What makes a good C.V. and cover letter; What does a “good fit” mean
  • Establishing a music festival – fundraising, building a trustable board, and making strategic choices   
  • Building good relationships and making a dream project come true
  • How to find an audience to appeal to and to set up ways through technology that is available in order to reach a larger community

Afternoon session II, 3-4pm (EST)
with Tina Raimondi and Linda Chávez
on Running a Successful Private Studio and Establishing LLC
  • Establishing and maintaining a successful private studio
  • What to expect from music organizations, nationally and locally (such as ASTA, MTNA, Suzuki organization, etc.)
  • Practical knowledge on business aspects of private teaching – How to establish an LLC? (Or why) How to establish and maintain an effective studio policy? Insurance and liability?
  • How do you decide the location of your physical studio and rates
  • Language for simple contracts

Participants are encouraged to ask specific questions on private teaching.

Evening session, 7:30-8:30pm (EST)
with Tania Blanich and Dayna Del Val
on Grant Writing and Finding Resources for Individual Artists
  • Importance of being a smart arts advocate as an artist.
  • Role of artists and musicians in a community
  • Tips on finding resources and writing grants for individual musicians
  • Establishing a non profit organization and fundraising

Participants will be required to find at least one local art council and resources and study a few important arts organizations in the state. Early registration participants can submit a mock-proposal or specific questions for Ms. Blanich and Del Val.

Early registration is $50 by July 31. Early registration participants can send TWO specific questions and/or documents (cover letter sample, grant proposal sample, C.V., etc.) for direct feedback. Later registration fee is $55, and will be accepted until August 4. Participants can still send questions and samples, and one of them will get a direct feedback. Please register by clicking the “Register” button and remember to finish enrolling with the form below after you register so I can send you more information!

  • The sessions will be recorded for those who might miss parts of the day!


Guest Presenters
Tania Blanich, Grant Specialist, The Arts Partnership
Linda Chávez, CEO, Brownsville Piano Studio
Kelly Corcoran, Conductor, The Intersection Ensemble
Dayna Del Val, CEO, The Arts Partnership
Simon Gollo, Violinist, Aruba Symphony Festival and New Mexico State University
Dongmin Kim, Artistic Director, New York Classical Players
Tina Raimondi, Violinist, Sunshine Suzuki Strings and Pine Crest School
Benjamin Sung, Violinist, Florida State University and The Violin Intensive