Piano Intensive

The 2020 Piano Intensive Online Edition

With Dr. Jihye Chang Sung

June 9–12 or June 23–26

An intensive piano course with Dr. Jihye Chang Sung and guest artists that will address many common questions that a lot of pianists have in the form of Zoom meetings with active participation, demonstration, and online lessons.

Guest artists: 

Concert pianist Conrad Tao for a panel discussion on performance anxiety and Q& A 

Steven Spooner, Professor at Peabody Conservatory for a technique and practice session

David Kalhous, Associate Professor at Florida State University for a session on warm-up and exercise routines

Conductor Kelly Corcoran and physical therapist Allen Sawyer for a wellness session 

Many piano students have fundamental questions that often do not get answered for various reasons. There is a big need for pianists to come together, discuss these questions, and get real answers and thoughts to carry on. The Piano Intensive gives students a short, intensive period of piano retreat, to nurture and share in a like-minded community, in which we will also focus on the larger goals of peace of mind and confidence building. The Piano Intensive also provides a necessary place for this particular summer, when most festivals are canceled and pianists need a place of gathering and sharing thoughts. While it is difficult to have access to the more traditional masterclass and lesson setting during this distance learning time, this workshop will provide a chance for students to use their time focusing on a few key questions and important aspects of being a pianist. This 4 day session will focus on specific topics such as the fundamentals of piano playing, warm-up routines and basic techniques, art of fingering, practice strategies, performance psychology, abd musicians wellness. Students will also get a chance to discuss and ask questions with the guests and get a private lesson focusing on the topics discussed with Dr. Sung. 

If you are interested in participating, please email using the form below!